What is Up Riding?

Up Riding is an easy way to offer lots of services in your car without hard-selling! It is a customizable menu of services and products plus an awesome communication starter.

Using UpRiding.com frees you from using the 1st minute of every ride to tell the rider what you have to offer. Here are just a few things we can do:
  • Quickly list free services like, charging ports, vomit bags, or whatever.
  • Share your promo codes.
  • Sell product... any product!
New features are being added frequently! Here are some items on the short list (within the next 30 days):
  • Receive local event alerts so you're always in the best spots to pickup rides.
  • Let riders know where your favorite hot spots are in town.
  • Allow riders to send you a ride request!
  • Allow riders to set the music playing in the car from their phone.

Driver Profiles

Each driver is given web page to customize as they see fit. Personalize promo codes, service icons and in-car store items. A custom tag is used for passengers to type, scan or tap their way to your page.

The best way to see how UpRiding can help you is to visit my page.

Make your own page

You can up your ride tonight!